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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> the thai military chief says elections will not take place for more than a year as anticoup protestprotests continue. i'm shili goshen in doha. until peace is restored, continue to point the finger to russia. nearly 2,000 lives lost in barrel bomb attacks.
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>> betwee2010 zambia and zimbab. dam needs repairs. 2,000 people have been killed in barrel bomb tack attan aleppo province. barrel bombs of controversial, human rights groups say their use in populated areas is a war crime. the syrian air force is using barrel bombs to drive rg forceforces outs of the area.
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meanwhile rebel forces have told us they're planning an offenses in italy. hundreds have been trying to escape the area. zena hoda reports. >> the government targeting rebel controlled areas, particularly in the northern part of the area, aleppo province and itlip. up to 2,000 people killed in aleppo province alone. the weapon the government is using is barrel bombs, improvised weapons cheaply made, and they're indiscriminant weapons, what is the military strategy? what is the government gaining? they are pushing rebels back, depopulating, and more
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importantly, they're trying to throw a wedge between the people and the rebels. they're saying, if you want to support the rebels you will be punished. govern the territory that they're winning in order to not cease an alternative. so the upsurge in violence just a few days before presidential elections are being held, both sides are trying to gain the upper hand but nobody is winning this war. and in the interim civilians are caught in the cross fire and they are the ones who are dying. >> hundreds of syrians are on the move. these since are from the city of idlip. it is surrounded by rebel control territory and it seems armed opposition fighters have made it their next target. >> tished issued a statement san
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idlib city. >> presidential election in areas under its control. >> people are scared after the islam ick committeic committee o leave. stations may be hit by mortars and also the government's militia men will force the people to vote so the people fled. >> them left because they said they don't want to vote on election day. others say that a rebel advance would unleash a heavy bombardment. they're employees in state institutions and if they want to keep getting their salaries, they will have to vote. the rebels have made advances in idlib. days ago, supplying its forces
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in the north. >> translator: the regime is hitting back, using the air force, people in idlib city are afraid if government advances against rebel forces. >> here in the north it is contested territory. the rebels may not be able to win the war here but now, it seems they are preventing medium from voting. >> holding elections in the country for at least a year, who overthrew the government in the coup last week says there needs to be time for political reform. veronica pedrosa joins me. >> first time he has spoken in a televised address since he announced that the military was
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seizing fire last thursday. this was a dense speech, a little later than expected. at least everyone on twitter in thailand was waiting for speech to come on the air. set out a time line as you say that involves a period of reconciliation, during which time a government will be appointed. then, two to three months of watching reconciliation and then a year of reforms, after which he said elections could be held, that would choose a free and -- consume a fair and just leader. this was a speech also that included a repetition of the need for the coup, it's a justification for why the military took over power. explaining that it was because people, the politicians could not agree on a way forward and
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that the policies of former prime minister yi yingluck shinawatra. small and spontaneous in bangkok and other cities like the one i'm in chang mei, quelled by police and military working together. when you walk around the streets of the country as i have over the past week or so, life is going on as normal, business as usual. there are not many soldiers on the street except when these demonstrations take place.
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and it will confer a message that they will not be tolerated but needed to keep a lid on anything that could exacerbate the situation. that's why he had to close down various media outlets and had to arrest several politicians in order to give them a cooling-off period during which they could agree on their way forward. crack down since the coup. >> veronica, thank you very much indeed for that comprehensive update on what's happening in that area. offensive against separatists in the east, volunteer fighters from russia are helping the separatists. petro poroshenko says he will,
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with the ukrainian government and u.s. accused russia of being beyond the unrest. >> we recognize that in the east of our country a special military operation is being performed by the russian federation. >> there is evidence of russians crossing over, trained in russian who have come across to stir things up to engage in fighting. we hope that the ukrainians would take advantage of the being election build a road forward where ukraine becomes a bridge between the west and the east. interdavid chase has sent this report earlier from the eastern border of slovyansk. >> we're on the road to slovyansk where the military
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helicopter was shot down by russian fighters. completed several of their so-called cleanup operations against what they call terrorists in this area. we have passed nothing but separatist fighters so far. in slovyansk we are hearing that areas are being mortared and they are evacuating children from the area. they also have more reports of different parts of that industrial town being shelled early this morning. so we are going into the town to find out exactly what is happening. >> another team of international observers has been detained in eastern ukraine. targeted since their arrival in ukraine. one team was held for eight days. in the lathest incident, 100 kilometers north of luhansk.
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separatist leaders say they are safe and will be freed soon. 23 people have been arrested in spain after riots broke out in barcelona. police evicted squatters, 300 extra riot police have been deployed to keep things under control. egyptian presidential candidate abdel fatah al-sisi is promising new future, 92% of the vote. hundreds who boycotted the polls have been staging anti-coup rallies as georgi jamal fasal r. >> egypt's second largest city,
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alexandria, thousands of political prisoners currently behind bars. activists are billing this the second indian intefada. some say the number is as high as 40,000. many are crammed into small rooms forced to sleep on the ground with little or no sunlight. forcing prisoners to take drastic measures in a bid to secure their freedom. >> they treat my father very badly. they treat us badly when we go to visit him. that's why we have decided to gather with him to start an open-ended hunger strike until he is trowrnd us a free man. >> cheered him on in tahrir square. despite exit polls pointing to
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ah sisi having won over 92% of the vote, crowds gathered to celebrate. credibility of this year's election, including groups who monitored the polls. >> during presidential elections we had observers around the country but we feel that suppression and dissent and restrictions on freedom of association and freedom of speech, last month made it not possible to have a democratic presidential election. >> reporter: the poll has left egypt divided. several marches for al 60 si were held, being in the cairo suburb of mahadi anticoup
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protesters took to the streets as well. the peace and stability that was hoping to follow the election was elusive. >> zachary abdel hadi, assistant professor, good to have you with us. pictures taking place in several areas of the country. how significant are they given that al-sisi seems to have won 90% of the vote? >> this is what is coming on the road and the street that those people realized that their votes that have been going on for so many times after the revolution, the 25th of january revolution, they went to once and twice and three times and four times and voted on a number of occasions. their vote used to count. they are concerned that their
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vote doesn't count anymore. the military came in and took it away. that's why the very below turnout was on the election. those people on the street are defining that. they are making it very clear that regardless, you come through the elections, the tanks, this, we are going to have our freedom back. >> is that what they're saying? where will this lead? do you see another i don't know, revolutionary wave in the type of the tahrir square revolution? >> the people have believed they have been used, by the military, to oust the elected president morsi. now they are using them again to get sisi elected. sisi was the hidden man the person the military -- >> what i'm asking though, these protesters are being cracked down on, being imprisoned, being
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sent to death. will they continue their protests or has sisi basically won? >> it will. more fractions and more sides are coming to rely that they've been treated and being betrayed. even those who went in the 30th of june went in the street, now they realize they have been betrayed. because sisi has not given them any freedom. sisi has not given them any hope. he was coming on tv and said i don't have anything for you. i don't have anything to give you. the fact he didn't have any vision, he didn't have any manifesto, he don't have any future with those people. that's why a lot of more groups are joining on the street. and they will have their say in the end. >> well it will be interesting to see what happens. zachary, abdel hadi, thank you.
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al jazeera is continuing to demand the release of its journalists retained there, baher mohamed, peter greste and mohamed fahmy. accused of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. al jazeera continues to demand the return of its staff. the head of veterans affairs has been forced to resign. african enclave of malia. it is stay with us with us
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>> reminder of the top storieso.
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thailand's military chief has ruled out holding elections for another year. he says there needs to be time for political reform. the syrian observatory for human rights, say nearly 2,000 have been killed by barrel bombs this year, nearly 600 are believed to be children. ukraine's government say the army will continue the fight against separatists in the east. a hospital there was hit by more that are fire. eric shinseki apologized for a massive cover-up of delays and military veterans. in many cases paperwork was
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altered to hide issues. >> agreed that shinseki had become a distraction and the systemic problems, need to be dealt with, without all of this political back and forth hang it. this is a situation where they're look at employment shortages particularly of primary care doctors which is already a problem for the entire u.s. health care system. they are looking at these efforts by mid level bureaucrats to basically lie to federal headquarters here in washington, about their ability to schedule veterans for first time and then follow-on appointments. they talk about the need to deal with people who have been engaged in not taking care of
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these veterans because with the more than 8 million people who use the va's services every year the president is underscoring the point that it's important that the u.s. meet its obligation to provide these veterans with the services that they were promised. >> japan's prime minister says his country wants to play a bigger role in defense in asia. shinzzo abe made the comment ina recent speech. >> two police officers in india have been sacked for refusing to search for two girls gang raped and murdered. the girls had gone missing from
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their home on tuesday evening. three suspects are being held on the case. the father of one is demanding a federal investigation. local media in malaysia reports that a girl that is been gang raped by 15 men. police have reportedly detained ten men and are looking for others. the teenager was, in a local gang haunt. antique terrorist organization, links to al qaeda. from malia neave barker errors. >> images of the accused have been released by police. the six men are all spanish nationals. they were arrested in raids in predominantly muslim parts of
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malia. they are charged with being part of a jihaddist cell. recruiting training and sending fighters to conflicts in malli and syria. among them the the first spanish jihaddist, where only two months ago, spanish people are remembering ten years since the madrid bombings. the al qaeda bombing killed 191. since the attack more than 470 people have been arrested on terrorism charges in spain. the spanish government's eeg are to show with these lacest -- egger to show with these latest arrests. neave barker, al jazeera. makeshift camp of hundreds
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of migrants trying come to the u.k, they were told they could find better accommodation elsewhere. two days later, many of them have returned. from calais, simon mcgregor wood reports. >> standing water threatens the spread of disease. zaid fought the fightin fightinn damascus. remained determined to reach calais. >> i tried go to u.k. maybe 40 times or -- 40 times. >> khan and ali, who want to hide their identity, left
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pakistan several years ago. >> there is extremism, fundamentalism fighting and problems. so we came here to save our lives. >> and ali lost his business in egypt and has been on the move for over a year. >> translator: i came here to be free because i thought there was freedom in europe but i have found no freedom here. >> reporter: when the french authorities cleared the camp earlier this week, they told migrants they would be taken to a better place. the problem is they didn't tell them where that would be, and many feared it would be further from calais and further from their deem of reaching u.k. the volunteers think the recent success of the national front in france shows that local patience is wearing thin. >> we're ashamed. we've shown no common decency to these mieg raghts.
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they -- migrants. >> on friday authorities told the migrants they have 24 hours to identify a new site and then 48 to leave this one. it seems a proper solution to their plight is as far away. simon m mcgregor wood, al jazeera, calais. demonstrators were calling for a recount of this week's presidential vote. whether the electoral commission should order a recount later on friday. zambia and zimbabwe are trying to are raise contributions to fix the dam. >> morning reveals kariba dam's
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huge size. one of the world's biggest. generating hydroelectricity. the wall is cracked, and needs to be fixed urgently to avoid what would be a catastrophic collapse. chief jackson is among the three and a half million people who live down river. his people believe a river spirit called the yami yami is to blame. >> it is true the yami yami is responsible for the cracks in the dam because it doesn't want anyone to tamper with the rivers. when the sadda zambizi is blockt will bring trouble to all of us. >> thousands that depend on the zambizi's constant flow of tourist. >> we don't want a tsunami
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coming up here. >> the governments of zambia and zimbabwe insist they are. but they do have to raise $ $250,000 before the complex repairs can begin. 24 and a half meters thick, if we look down this side of the wall at the sheer drop, you get a sense of the volume of water held back by the dam and how catastrophic it would be if anything went wrong. zambia's minister. >> we don't want to delay. we know the significance of us procrastinating. we are very concerned. >> tens of thousands of people were relocated, while some hasn't been connect wednesday the electricity it generates the
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zambizi provides in other ways. whether you believe the cracks in the dam can be attributed to the river spirit or just age. >> remember, don't forget you can keep up with all the latest at lj